We are pleased to announce as of May 2018, our new training classes for 3D printing! Learn as little or as much as you want about 3D printing in the following topic areas.

Classes Offered

  1. 3D Printing 101 (2 Hours)  – New to the world of 3D printing. Sign up for this class to learn basics such as: What is the difference with all the different filament? What kind of things can I make with a 3D printer? How much does it really cost to get into 3D printing?

  2. Setup class (2 Hours) – Learn all there is to successfully start up your new machine. Bring your printer with you and we’ll go over the basics in how to setup your machine for the first time. Make sure your printing software has some default files loaded on them before arriving to the class.

  3. Materials and Applications (1 hour) – Learn about all the different materials available to print with. Learn why some are preferred over others. What filament is the best for you for your project? What kind of applications can I use my printer for? As we review most of the basic use cases for your printer, we certainly won’t cover them all, but we’ll get close. Learn how 3-D printers are being used and how you can get the most out of your printer.

  4. Hands on Designing (2 Hours) – Learn the basics of computer aided drawing (CAD) using Autodesk Fusion 360. We will go over the basics of drawing your own parts to print. Learn how to make many different type of models and how to design in 3D.

  5. 3D PRINTING ALL-IN-ONE (FULL DAY) - Combine all training sessions into a full-day training class. Come out of the class with a full understanding of 3D printing 101, 3D printer setup, 3D printer materials and applications, and CAD design for 3D printing.

  • Classes can be at your location, a public space such as a library or school. You will need to arrange the location when requesting remote training.

  • All classes have a minimum fee of $100 (1-2 people)

  • Fee per attendee will be $40 per person per hour (minimum 3 people)

  • New classes will form based on demand.

  • Lower cost training options available, please contact us for a personal quote.

  • Please register for the classes you’re interested in by reaching out to Sam Vorpahl,  svorpahl@stormetech.com