Storme Technologies journey into 3D Printing, Prototyping and Technology began in 2008 when the owner of the business was introduced to prototyping and 3D printing lab while attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Since then, his passion for prototyping and 3D printing has led to the companies official launch in early 2015.

Since Storme Technologies launch, we’ve worked in over nine industries with the single goal of providing engineering solutions in 3D printing, technology and design to our customers. With the recent low cost of ownership for Stereolithography and Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printing techniques, we have been able to streamline 3D printed prototype development and provide high quality models to our clients for a fraction of the cost of larger prototype facilities.  Our low cost of ownership and low overhead costs compared to the larger prototype facilities allow us to provide highly discounted prices, that do not sacrifice on quality or customer satisfaction.


But our expertise does not end with just 3D printing. We have also worked on many different projects ranging from electronic circuit design, CAD design, electronic assemblies and software development. Through the power of CAD software and 3D printing, we can assist in the development of proof of concept models, show displays, test fixtures, jigs miscellaneous parts and prototypes-- all using 3D printing technology.


We also have some of our own products in the works, one of which was recently on Kickstarter. Storme Technologies is currently located in Jefferson, Wisconsin, and is a legally registered Limited Liability Company with the State of Wisconsin.