We can use our in-house laser cutter/laser engraving machine to:

  • Laser cut parts from thin plastics, woods, or other non-metal materials up to 3-5 mm thick

  • Laser etch logos, text, images or any other information onto a surface

  • Create artwork, plaques, signs, key chains or other memorabilia.

  • Create prototypes, concept models or plates.

  • Etch things like part numbers, logos or technical information into housings, connectors or other products typically found in the automotive industry.

  • Skies are the limit on how laser cutting and laser etching can help your business needs!

  1. Pricing is $1.00 per square inch for engraving services and starting at $0.15 per square inch for laser cutting service

  2. One time setup fee is $25 per part.

  3. Can expedite upon request for additional cost.

  4. Standard lead time is 3-5 days for small run jobs, and 2+ weeks for large scale production quantities.

  5. Contact us for a custom quote!

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